In accordance with Georgia law, SECA will participate in Georgia’s student assessment program.  This means that SECA will use the Georgia Milestones Assessment Program in Grades 3-5 to help inform the school’s efforts to improve its teaching and the student’s learning.

More importantly, SECA will use a system of formative assessments (like pre-tests) that help teachers and school staff identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student that SECA can design a personalized learning program for each student.

Georgia Department of Education Assessment System

Pursuant to the Charter Schools Act, charter schools, as public schools, are subject to the Georgia statewide accountability assessments. The purpose of the Georgia Student Assessment Program is to measure student achievement of the state-adopted content standards and inform efforts to improve teaching and learning. Results of the assessment program are utilized to identify student’s mastery of content, to provide teachers with feedback about instructional practice, and to assist the school in identifying strengths and challenges.

The Georgia assessment program includes customized summative criterion-referenced tests at the elementary grades of 3rd – 5th. The following statewide assessments will be administered and utilized according to GaDOE policies, timelines, and procedures:

  • Georgia Milestones Assessment System
  • ACCESS for ELLs
  • Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA)

With the continuation of the challenges from the pandemic and now the crushing supply chain issues, along with the ever-increasing cost of goods, the SECA Governing Board has made the very difficult decision to delay the school's opening until the 2023-2024 school year. The board feels that to put the school and scholars in the best position for long-term success they have to make the best possible financial choices they can. Please stay tuned as we will continue to keep you informed about our progress in the coming months.