Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?
Charter Schools are public schools that are provided additional flexibility to serve students.  In return for this flexibility that allows them to be more innovative, charter schools are expected to meet higher expectations for performance.

What makes SECA different from my neighborhood school?
SECA uses instructional methods, such as Project-Based Learning, that have proven to be effective in teaching students like those that SECA aims to serve.  Additionally, unlike schools operated by the school district, SECA is operated by a governing board and leadership that is focused solely on the needs of its students and families.

Does SECA take resources away from my neighborhood school?
No. As a state charter school authorized by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC), SECA receives funding through the state budget and public school funding formula, but SECA does not receive any financial support from SCCPSS.  SECA does not receive financial support from local tax assessments.

Will there be transportation?
SECA will not provide transportation to or from school.  We will work closely with our community partners to identify alternative ways to assist our students in coming to school.

Will my student’s teachers be certified?
SECA believes that teacher certification is important to help ensure teachers will be effective in the classroom.  We will strive to employ teachers with Georgia teaching certificates and certification in gifted education.  However, in some limited cases we may utilize our flexibility to hire noncertified teachers who are exceptional educators.

What will the school’s facility look like?
SECA is conveniently set in a beautiful, wooded area at 1137 Mohawk Street in Southside Savannah.  This location will allow SECA to become a cornerstone in the community by developing nearby resources, history, and culture to enhance the educational opportunities for its students.   Classes and administrative offices will be housed in modular Learning Cottages as we build our custom-designed, permanent facility on the same property.  The design of the permanent building will support our unique curriculum, allowing for spacious classrooms, learning labs, and meeting places.


How are charter schools funded?
Charter schools are public schools and are funded through tax dollars similar to public schools within a school district.  Each year, SECA will receive funding from the State of Georgia based on the number of students it serves as calculated by a funding formula outlined in state law.  One important difference between traditional public schools and SECA is that SECA will not receive any funding through local tax dollars collected by the Savannah or Savannah Chatham County Public School System.  Because SECA is a state charter school approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia it only receives state funding.

What do I need to apply?
You should fill out the application here[link]!  SECA serves ALL students in grades K-4.  There is no admission requirement to apply.  SECA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.

Does SECA select students?
No.  All students are welcome to attend SECA.  SECA serves all students in grades K-4, and all students will have an equal opportunity for admission.  However, if more students apply than spaces are available, applicants will be offered space through a random lottery.  More information about the lottery process is available here[link].

Additionally, as provided in state law and the school’s charter contract, SECA provides an enrollment priority for siblings of SECA students and students who are children of faculty, staff, or the governing board.

How does SECA serve students with disabilities?
SECA is dedicated to serving all students regardless of his or her unique needs.  SECA’s Project-Based academic model and emphasis on personalized learning strongly supports the needs of students with disabilities.  As a public school, SECA will comply with every aspect of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How does SECA serve students who are learning English?
SECA embraces its role as safe and welcoming environment for students of all culture and ethnicities.  SECA will actively identify and support students learning English.

If I apply to attend SECA, when and how will I know if my student can attend SECA?
If more students apply to attend SECA than there are available spaces, SECA will utilize a random lottery process to offer spaces for enrollment.  The lottery results will be posted on SECA’s website by unique student numbers.  Parents of each student who have received a winning lottery number will receive notice via email within 24 hours of the lottery completion.

With the continuation of the challenges from the pandemic and now the crushing supply chain issues, along with the ever-increasing cost of goods, the SECA Governing Board has made the very difficult decision to delay the school's opening until the 2023-2024 school year. The board feels that to put the school and scholars in the best position for long-term success they have to make the best possible financial choices they can. Please stay tuned as we will continue to keep you informed about our progress in the coming months.